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The SOLARS collection consists of a series of parametrically designed cut-out patterns, empowering the sun to display a play of light through the unique textile panels. This technique provides unlimited possibilities to create highly personalised pattern designs. 


various companies and private


Samira Boon, Anna Sitnikova, Irene Petrillo, Luna Haverkorn, Nele Demeulemeester, Paulina Nowbachtian, Suhyun Park



Climate regulating textile collection projects


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Because of the interplay between the double layers of cut-outs, the intensity and the amount of light entering the interior can be adjusted, optimising its functionality for each location and situation.

The textiles used for these customised curtains can be light and flowy or solid and sturdy, resulting in either a diffused light effect or a sharp and structured pattern. For eco-friendly options, second hand of dead-stock materials can be used to give these textiles a new life. SOLARS is an example of the range of custom curtains that Studio Samira Boon offers.



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