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"Interiors as a living ecosystem"


We are textiles architects creating dynamic environments. Our adaptive and interactive structures enhance the use and experience of spaces, acoustics, climate and energy. In collaboration with our clients, we design and produce site-specific textile solutions. Commissioned by renowned companies, we develop concepts, and together with research institutes, we investigate technical innovations for 3D structures and sustainable textiles.



Our work is united by the conviction that healthy environments should  be flexible and dynamic, just like natural systems are. Our textile solutions contribute to an architecture that is  sustainable, future-proof, and interactive; architecture that acts as a living ecosystem.

Taking influence from our relationship with Japan, we have a strong focus on high tech origami folding  techniques.

Embedded origami patterns act as mathematical translations of natural processes. They afford natural movement characteristics, growth and metamorphosis, and accommodate optimisation of material usage.



Through novel and innovative technology, we reinterpret these high tech folding techniques into computer weaving models, implementing the origami patterns straight into the fabrics. Our uniquely developed computational weaving processes results in authentic materialisation and  innovative origami structures.

Simulating processes found in nature, these flexible and adaptive  interior textile installations can accommodate and regulate spatial circulation, efficient energy usage, and acoustic ambience according to the changing need of the user.  


We are aware that the textile industry is a major contributor to climate change. Determined to change this, we actively work towards a circular textile system by investigating environmentally friendly options. Through material research, we are developing and attaining new insight into sustainable innovations and conscious materials.  We are challenged by regulations but having our material research being in both experimental and applied states, we see that using our biobased materials as interior elements on an architectural scale can be well within reach. 


We implement textile waste streams

We design biobased materials

We develop lab grown materials

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We collaborate with forward-thinking architects, clients, and institutes with a  specific need or vision in mind. Building on our expertise in the material properties of textiles while working together with the clients, that fulfil the client's site-specific goal. 

We host and partake in multidisciplinary research groups by bringing together passionate people with diverse perspectives and an eagerness to discover new  solutions, connections, and original ideas.

Are you looking for a team to help you redefine the future of textile development and applications?  

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“Studio Samira Boon approached our acoustic challenge with an answer that is both intriguing, beautiful and highly performant. The creative process with Samira’s team and the College was inspiring, balancing between architecture, materials and the client wishes. The road from concept to end product has been a real pleasure, resulting in a space in which beauty serves purpose.”

Thomas Dieben, krft Architects



Studio Samira Boon, located in Amsterdam, is a design studio where 3D and interactive textiles are developed and applied on an architectural scale. With our international and interdisciplinary team we believe that combining art, science and technology leads to new insights and stimulates innovation. In this way we challenge the contemporary perception of design and architecture.


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Oostelijke Handelskade 12 D

1019 BM Amsterdam

t: +31 (0)20 211 7651

5-4-4 Yakumo


152-0023 Tokyo

Distributor Europe: zakkasine

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