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Stadswinkel Tilburg 

A unique artpiece for the renovated town hall: Stadswinkel, Tilburg, symbolising the transition and identity of the city and its inhabitants.


Gemeente Tilburg, Common Affairs


Art installation

Competition, second place


Samira Boon, Irene Petrillo, Amina Zemouli, Tereza Chytilova



E0002-L (1).png
E0006-corrected (2).png

The Stadswinkel is an important location for Tilburg; as the 'living room of the city' it is a place where residents and the municipality can connect and cooperate. Our artwork aims to be an inspiring icon, symbolising the current and future identity of Tilburg and its inhabitants.

E0004 (3).png


The artwork is designed to symbolize three contemporary societal developments that are being implemented in the city of Tilburg: 


Innovation and sustainability

The transition towards a circular (textile) economy.


The urban environment

An ever developing and growing city: the various frameworks of the construction represent the extension of Tilburg across the centuries, they are designed to be recognizable for the inhabitants.


Society's unity

 The uniqueness of each individual citizen, who together with the others shapes the city and balances its essence.

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E0005-L (1).png


This artwork channels the sustainable ambitions of the municipality into a powerful sculptural representation. The open and transparent structure mirrors the aim of how the municipality wants to serve their inhabitants: accessible and hospitable, where residents feel welcome and empowered to ask questions and give suggestions for the city.


At the same time, it is a sustainable artwork, made  of recycled textiles, locally developed and produced at the TextileLab Tilburg. It is realised in a circular process, in line with the sustainability ambitions of the Stadswinkel and the city of Tilburg.

Due to its 3-dimensional, transparent design, and its organic and asymmetrical structure, the artwork appears of a different shape from each direction. In an interplay with the viewer's perception it offers an ever-changing, new experience in relation to its surrounding.


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